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Whether you're going through a major life change, lost in the busyness of life and seeking clarity and direction, or perhaps searching for inner happiness and a deeper connection with yourself, I've got the secret sauce to help you totally rock what comes next and get truly excited about what life can be.  Interested to find out how?

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Here are a few of my favourite resources for living your most EXTRAORDINARY life!

My secret to success is the courage to be HAPPY. 

I'm an holistic coach and life strategist - your go-to girl for all things happiness, success, transformation, and living your most beautiful and extraordinary life!

I’m the ultimate lover of life … and anything that shines, sparkles, and radiates with sunshine!

It hasn’t always been that way. I know what it’s like to experience challenges and setbacks in life and feel lost, confused and alone. My life changed forever when my gorgeous mum suddenly died the day before my 12th birthday.

After years of living in a state of numbness, I made the decision to change and create an extraordinary life, where I am truly happy.  That’s what I’ve done and continue to do in this rich and beautiful season of my life … and I’m passionate about helping other women to do the same.

I have a treasure trove of knowledge, with over 35 years’ experience and expertise in mindset, human behaviour and personal transformation. I wear multiple hats — coach, mentor, guide, strategist, cheerleader, friend and confidant, podcast host, speaker, and curator of gorgeous programs and events.

My overarching goal is to help amazing women just like you, to get excited about life and make it your own kind of extraordinary, squeezing every drop of juice and joy from this fabulous journey. 

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Catherine Bowyer from the Happiness Hive: Your Holistic Life Coach in Canberra and Online

The immersive approach for the motivated woman who wants even more from life ... more happiness, excitement, clarity, action, success.

You get my undivided attention while we reconnect with who you are, get clear about what you want, work out what’s holding you back—then take action that leads to you rocking life, truly excited about the possibilities and choice of what comes next.

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A great way to meet like-minded women with similar goals, challenges and ambitions.

Immerse yourself in this dynamic community tailored specifically to foster shared growth, connection, and inspiration.

Join the power of the collective, celebrating achievements, and soak in the positive energy of our transformative gatherings.

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Your key to transformative learning.  Practical, easy to implement and integrate seamlessly into your schedule.

Complete at your own pace in the comfort of your own space with bite-sized lessons, engaging content, and the freedom to learn and grow on your terms and find real excitement about what you can be, have, feel and achieve.

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Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive Coaching invites you to enjoy the Happiness Hive podcast

Having spent over 35 years specialising in mindset, human behaviour and personal transformation, and being an avid lover of life, I’m curious and fascinated by people and what motivates them. 

In this podcast, I share my own experiences and chat with inspiring women from all over the world, about how they do life, what makes them tick and discovering the magic formula that makes them who they are. 

These conversations are real and raw… full of passion, inspiration and lots of fun. Nothing is off limits. My personal mission is for listeners to say at the end of each episode “I'd like a little bit of what Catherine and her guests are having!” 

Shimmy on over and listen for yourself … there’s lots of juicy goodness waiting there for you.

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Are you ready to 
make it your own kind of extraordinary and savour every juicy moment? 

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  • Ever feel like you've hit a point in life where things are shifting, and you're not quite sure how to navigate these changes? You're a smart woman and if you knew how to work it out you would have done so by now.
  • Do you feel like you've outgrown who you were and on the cusp of becoming a new, expanded version of yourself?
  • Are you done with life just happening to you and ready to reclaim your power and finally be who you want to be, do what you want to do and live life your way? 
  • Feel like some invisible force has got hold of you and stopping you from achieving your goals?
  • Maybe you've lost a bit of your sparkle and zest for life and don't feel like the woman you know anymore?
  • Or perhaps you're embarking on a journey of self-discovery and growth and want to connect with yourself at a deeper level and get to know ALL the parts of you - mind, body and spirit?
  • Or looking for a community of like-minded women with similar goals, challenges and ambitions you can connect with. 
  • You might even be feeling a bit lost, not knowing where to kick off this exciting adventure to becoming the next fabulous version of yourself.

You're not alone, and you've landed in the perfect spot! No coincidences ... the Universe has brought you right here for a reason ...

I totally get where you're at - I've been there too!  I'm here to take you by the hand and guide you through this beautiful process.

In addition to being an holistic coach and life strategist, I'm the Queen of Transformations and Princess of Practicality with a big dollop of love thrown in. Expect a personal, down-to-earth journey that will reach the depths of your Soul.  It's not just about knowledge; it's about the entire experience where the journey is as important as the destination.  It's going to be a beautiful and sacred experience ... plus lots of fun!

Choose your journey
Catherine Bowyer, holistic coach and life strategist  from Happiness Hive invites you to get excited about life and savor every juicy moment.


Access your free resource : the Happiness Health Check from Happiness Hive


Looking for an energising pick-me-up to fully enjoy life's goodness? I've got the perfect solution – the Happiness Health Check.

Just like your regular health check-up ensures your physical wellbeing, this assessment is your comprehensive guide for a happier life.

I'm sure you've heard of IQ and EQ; well, I've introduced HQ - your Happiness Quotient. The Happiness Health Check is a thorough analysis designed to measure and enhance your overall happiness in all areas of life.

Download your Happiness Health Check now and let the good vibes roll in.

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Kind Words

Testimonial from Ro about her coaching experience with Catherine Bowyer at Happiness Hive

Working with Catherine was fantastic from day 1!

The information and insights from the sessions have been truly life-changing!

I'm amazed at how much more confident I feel, not just in my professional
life but also within myself. I now have a clear vision for my future and a
solid path and action plan to make it all happen.

I can't express enough gratitude for Catherine's incredible guidance
and support.  She understood me right from the beginning, helping
me pinpoint what I wanted.  It's as if she knew me better than I knew myself,
and she lovingly guided me to see that too. I'm excited for all the wonderful
things ahead, and I wouldn't be living my dreams without Catherine's help.


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