Catherine Bowyer, holistic coach and life strategist from Happiness Hive invites you to create your extraordinary life.


to create YOUR extraordinary life!

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Personal Guidance
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Take yourself and your life to a whole new level with my personally curated coaching programs - all you need to purposefully shape your life and make it YOUR own kind of extraordinary!

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Group Programs
and Events

Immerse yourself in a dynamic community of motivated women dedicated to shared growth, connection, and inspiration. Join the power of the collective, celebrating achievements, and soak in the positive energy of our transformative gatherings.

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Self-Guided Courses and Resources

Practical, easy to implement and integrate seamlessly into your schedule. Complete at your own pace in the comfort of your own space with bite-sized lessons, engaging content, and the freedom to learn and grow on your terms.

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Success Express Life Strategy Session - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive personal coaching.

Success Express Life Strategy Sessions

Jump into the Success Express Life Strategy Session, a turbocharged opportunity to gain clarity, laser focus and direction, and a personalised roadmap for success in any area of your life. It's a quick and powerful strategy session with personalised insights and actionable steps tailored just for you so you can achieve your goals faster!

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Elevate Personal Coaching Programs - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive

Elevate Coaching Programs

Are you ready to level up and light up every aspect of your life? 

This comprehensive coaching experience covers every aspect of personal success and transformation, so you can expect powerful results. 

With 3 or 6 month packages, this amazing solution opens up a new dimension of possibility, where goals that were once seemingly out of reach are now within your grasp! By taking control of your future now, it's possible to create an extraordinary quality of life that will astonish you with its possibilities!

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Human Design Blueprint Foundation Reading - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive Personal Coaching

Soul Whispers

Are you ready to tune in to the gentle whispers of your Soul, to embrace the profound wisdom that resides within, and to embark on a beautiful and transformative journey of self-discovery, connecting with the very core of your being?  Your Soul eagerly awaits, ready to share its deepest truths, dreams, and desires, inviting you to contemplate and embody its essence.

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Human Design Blueprint Foundation Reading - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive Personal Coaching

Human Design Blueprint Foundation Reading

Your Human Design Blueprint is your personal instruction manual, unveiling the secrets of your genetic code and energetic blueprint. It's a unique and personal framework and guide, just for you, revealing your extraordinary gifts and how to make the most of them in this lifetime. It's all about getting to know you and discovering your unique life path so you can navigate it with purpose. It's ideal to help you reclaim your sovereignty in your mid-life years.

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Human Design - Pathway to Purpose Coaching - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive Personal Coaching

Human Design - Pathway to Purpose

A magical and truly transformative journey delving into the depths of your existence. Uncover your unique Divine Assignment - the destiny your Soul came to fulfill in this lifetime. Explore the nuances of your life path, unraveling the intricacies that shape your journey and discovering the keys to coming home to who you truly are and living your life's calling. This experience takes you beyond the surface, offering a profound exploration into the core of your Being.

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Human Design - Be More of You; Be All of You Coaching - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive Personal Coaching

Human Design - Be More of You. 
Be ALL of You! 

Elevate your transformative journey beyond the basics. Following your Foundation Human Design Blueprint reading, immerse yourself in the rich depths of Human Design elements at a profound level. Personalise your exploration based on your unique needs, whether it's delving into health, wealth, relationships, business, career, or taking a deeper dive into self-discovery. Choose from a one-off session or design a personalised program that empowers you to fully embody who you were born to be. Don't just know it, live it! Be more of who you are. Be ALL of who you are.

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The UP Experiment - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive group program

The UP Experiment

A vibrant online community uniting women worldwide in a journey of growth, empowerment, and connection. A beautiful space to focus on yourself while experiencing the uplifting power of the collective. Every connection and conversation sparks inspiration.

The UP Experiment is all about experimentation and embracing the freedom to live life your way. With a blend of bite-sized, self-paced resources and engaging group sessions, I'll guide you through a process of self-discovery, helping you connect more deeply with who you are and clarify your intentions for your very own UP Experiment!

No long-term commitments required; simply opt in and experience the transformative energy of The UP Experiment. I have a feeling that once you join us, you'll love it and want to stay!

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Say Yes to YOU; Say Yes to Life, including the Bliss Blueprint - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness group program

Say YES 2 YOU; Say YES 2 LIFE!

featuring the BLISS BLUEPRINT

Your golden ticket to unbecoming everything that isn't really you, and finding your way back home to the gorgeous, fabulous person you were always meant to be. Are you ready to unleash your inner (and outer) sequins-clad superstar? Because, that's exactly what we'll do ... and so much more!

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Gatherings, Workshops, Retreats - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive events

Gatherings, Workshops and Retreats! 

Immerse yourself in the deliciously divine energy of our exclusive and intimate gatherings. Treat yourself to a special investment in your future, indulging in transformative experiences with other incredible individuals on unique journeys. Keep an eye out for what's on and what's coming up!

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Let's Get Limitless - Catherine Bowyer from Happiness Hive self-guided courses

Let's Get Limitless

A powerful and transformative program to release your limits and ignite your dreams - perfect to help you navigate life with ease, flow and fun!  A treasure trove of magical tools to help you break free from the constraints and invisible forces that have been holding you back so you can create a life filled with infinite possibilities ... to live without limits! This program is all about embracing the freedom to dream big, reach for the stars, and shine brighter than ever before.

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Download your free resource: The Happiness Hive free resource - The Happiness Health Check

Happiness Health Check

Evaluate and boost your overall happiness with the Happiness Health Check. It's not just a tool; it's your guide to spark meaningful changes in every aspect of life. Ready for an undeniably extraordinary life?

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The Power of Micro Habits: Unlock your potential with Happiness Hive Coaching's exclusive guide and free resource

The Power of Micro Habits

Your key to cultivating positive changes in your life through small, manageable actions. Discover how tiny habits, consistently practiced, can lead to significant transformations in your mindset, productivity, and overall wellbeing. Harness the power of simplicity and make a big impact on your life, one small habit at a time.  

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Link to download your free resource: Stop Chasing. Start Attracting (Your Practical Guide to Effortless Manifesting)

Stop Chasing. Start Attracting.

Your Practical Guide to Effortless Manifestation.

Tired of the chase? Ready to ditch the hustle and grind and allow your dreams flow to you … easily and, oh so effortlessly!

This guide is your roadmap to the magic art of attracting what you want, unlocking the secrets of manifesting in a practical way ... that really works!  Learn why traditional approaches fall short and flip the script for a stress-free, enjoyable and easy manifesting experience! Explore proven universal techniques that allow your dreams to come right to you ... no more chasing! Download now to make manifestation the coolest and easiest thing you've ever done.

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What people are saying ...

Testimonial from Kate about her coaching experience with Catherine Bowyer at Happiness Hive.

Catherine's coaching program was a game-changer!

Catherine helped me to tackle problems from fresh perspectives and rediscover
my confidence and power.

She was a fresh set of eyes and sounding board, helping me see that the issues I was dealing with weren't just in my head so I could approach them more objectively.
I moved from a space of fear and anxiety about a work issue to (mostly!) neutrality. With Catherine's support, I was able to implement coping strategies that enabled me to rebuild my confidence at work. 

Her program was transformative - I now feel empowered to navigate challenges
with newfound strength and resilience.

Testimonial from Alice about her coaching experience with Catherine Bowyer at Happiness Hive.

I ALWAYS feel energised and excited and
100 steps ahead after a session with Catherine.

I always go in to our coaching sessions with a clear plan as to what I want to action, but every time we work together we cover so much more than I could ever anticipate.  Catherine intuitively knows what I need and we focus on that, without heading in to overwhelm walking in to new territory!  
Catherine is one of my founding supports to my business. She helps tremendously not only on a practical level, but also  on an emotional and psychological level.  It’s like having a therapist and business advisor all in one!.  She takes such care of her clients and invests so much into the relationship that you can’t help but build a friendship alongside the business relationship. 


I'm Catherine.

Holistic Coach, Life Strategist and your go-to girl for all things happiness, success, and living your most beautiful and extraordinary life!

I know what it’s like to experience challenges and setbacks in life and feel lost, confused and alone.

I made the decision I no longer wanted to live like that and made a commitment to myself that I would become the very best version of myself and create a glorious and extraordinary life.

That’s what I’ve done (and continue to do) and I’m passionate about helping other women to do the same.

I'm here to help women who want more, to get excited about life and make it their own kind of extraordinary, squeezing every drop of juice and joy from this fabulous journey.

What I really do, is help women just like you to totally rock life ... where you LIVE YOUR DREAMS, not merely wish for them! 

Yes Please! Tell me more
Catherine Bowyer, holistic coach and life strategist Canberra holding a cup with the words 'Darling, you are fabulous'.
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