How I healed through grief to whole-heartedly embrace happiness...

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to the Happiness Hive Podcast with host Catherine Bowyer, in this inaugural episode Catherine vulnerably shares with us her journey to how she *quite literally* has made it her business to help women get connected to their own happiness.  From an idyllic, country-living childhood to a fateful day that forever changed Catherine's life, hear how she navigated the ups and downs of real grief, tragedy and sadness to embrace living passionately and from the heart. 

In this episode you'll also hear:
- why somebody seeing Catherine's spark and investing in her developed her gift to do that for other people
- the role professional and personal development played in creating a unique combination of modalities for Catherine to help others with
- the moment she made the decision to make her life the best and most beautiful life possible
- what happiness means to Catherine and her daily process to ensure she stays connected
- how Catherine went fro almost school drop out to successful, thriving career woman
- what Catherine does on the tough days, when life feels overwhelming, sad and hard and so much more!

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This podcast is produced by Nikki O'Brien from Quintessential Being