Psychosomatic therapy with Linda Thackray

Season #1 Episode #5

In this episode of the Happiness Hive Podcast Catherine chats with the face and body interpreter, Psychosomatic trainer and teacher, Linda Thackray.  Psychosomatic therapy uses the reference book of the human face and physical form to help people gain awareness and identify core issues within themselves, Linda's work empowers others to balance and heal their inner and outer identities by providing tools so they can take responsibility and make the changes they seek in their lives. 

In this episode you'll also hear:
- what common theme came up for both Linda and Catherine when they had their first Psychosomatic session
-  how Linda's background in corporate led her to running her business today
- the process of a psychosomatic face reading and understanding the two sides of your personality
- why most people feed a need to create a mask for the outside world
- why getting a reading can feel like someone has access to your secret thoughts and how that is written on your face and physical form and so much more!

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This podcast is produced by Nikki O'Brien from Quintessential Being