Isolation anxiety in dogs with canine behaviourist Wren Rowland

Season #1 Episode #12

In this episode of the Happiness Hive Podcast, Catherine chats with canine behaviourist Wren Rowland. Wren is best described as a 'doggy psychologist'  who specialises in helping dogs (and their owners) displaying aggression or anxiety behaviours. After adopting her new fur friend 'Boston',  Catherine reached out to Wren for assistance with a more harmonious integration into their home.  Listen as Wren shares her knowledge about working with animals to improve their ability to relate, be around and work with humans.
In this episode you'll also hear:
-  how to help dogs fit in better with your lifestyle
- how you as an owner can adjust your behaviour so your doggo can feel more acknowledged
- why it is important to take into consideration a dogs breed, environment and genetics
- how you can read a dogs body language to understand whether they're tolerating or enjoying your company
- the correlations in human and dog behaviour that is universal
- why it is important to understand what motivates a dog and how that plays into your relationship with them... and so much more!

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This podcast is produced by Nikki O'Brien from Quintessential Being