Death as a sacred teacher with end-of-life Doula Arlene Stepputat

Season #1 Episode #13

In this episode of the Happiness Hive Podcast, Catherine chats with end-of-life Doula Arlene Stepputat. When her father died suddenly four days before her 12th birthday and right before Christmas, Arlene’s journey with death and dying began. By the time she turned 38, she had lost friends and family through everything imaginable — suicide, murder, accident, illness — and she was nearly killed by a drunk driver herself. Listen in as she shares with us some of her journey and how it brought her to truly understand death as a sacred teacher. 

 In this episode you'll also hear:
- What it’s like being neighbours with Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry
- Growing up watching the Broadway hits as part of school field trips
- How the grieving brain affects us physiologically
- What an end-of-life doula does and how they help support families
- Why Arlene is passionate about putting death back in its rightful place as a cycle of life... and so much more!

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This podcast is produced by Nikki O'Brien from Quintessential Being