Roaming the globe while running a business with Catherine McCoy

Season #1 Episode #38

Have you ever had the inkling to do something your heart has longed for since you were a child? Well that's exactly what Catherine McCoy acted on and the results were delightful! In today's episode of the Happiness Hive Catherine chats with nomadic naturopath Catherine McCoy about how she juggles life and running her business while travelling.

Catherine McCoy is a Naturopath who is passionate about supporting high achieving women who are exhausted, stressed and facing burnout.  She believes  you shouldn't have to compromise your health while working, playing and enjoying a busy life.

In this episode you'll also hear:
- why the covid lockdowns had a positive effect on Catherine's business
- the power of a journaling prompt that will blow your mind
- the challenges Catherine faces running a business while travelling
- why it is important to embrace life as it comes
- the best tips for travelling nomadically... and so much more!

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This podcast is produced by Nikki Voxx from Quintessential Being