Fertility, perimenopause and finding love for the self with Liz Walton

Season #1 Episode #41

Unexplained fertility is a  heartbreaking prognosis that affects far too many couples... and that's exactly what today's guest Liz Walton journeyed through until she finally got her gift after ten years and gave birth to a daughter at 46 years young! Listen as Liz vulnerably shares with us about fertility, perimenopause and parenting, and how to love this house (body) you're in.

Liz Walton is a holistic Fertility Coach. Liz thought she could do anything… until she couldn’t! Despite being a successful holistic healer, when she wanted to become pregnant, she couldn’t. After ten years of trying, and £30,000 of unsuccessful IVF later, she realised she had to heal herself and her relationship to her body first. When she gave birth at age 46, she found her purpose: helping others on their fertility journey.

In this episode you'll also hear:
- how fertility taught Liz to love the magic and majesty of life
- why you don't want something until you know you can't have it (and overcoming that)
- how to find out who you truly are
- what NLP and other modalities taught Liz about healing the self
- how to take back your ultimate power and embrace more ease in life... and so much more!

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