Female Financial Empowerment with Sarah Hardie

Season #1 Episode #43

Are you fully in control of your own finances? Are you feeling the pinch in this economic climate? Sarah Hardie learnt the hard way what happens when you don't have your finger on the pulse of your financial situation.  In this episode Catherine talks with Sarah about female financial empowerment, whether you're married, single or somewhere in-between and how important it is to have an understanding of your financial health.

Sarah knows what it's like to start from scratch and rebuild both her life and her finances. Her journey fueled her passion to make a difference. As a finance broker, she's dedicated to helping others take control of their financial situations and ensure they don't go through what she went through.

In this episode you'll also hear:
- how Sarah became a financial advisor
- why Sarah is intentional about choosing a 'full' season of life over being busy
- why it is important to educate your kids on financial literacy
- how to flip the scarcity mindset when it comes to money
- tips for being in control of your money... and so much more!

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