Using functional medicine to overcome auto-immune disease with Aline McCarthy...

Season #1 Episode #47

Have you ever felt like conventional medicine fell a little short in helping you? Do you want to embrace health and wellness on your terms? Today's guest on The Happiness Hive podcast is Aline McCarthy, a functional nutrition practitioner, listen as she shares with us her harrowing journey of health and her bold move from Germany to Australia.

Aline is a functional nutrition practitioner helping women heal their gut and hormones. After facing debilitating chronic pain, an auto immune diagnosis and not finding much help in western medicine, she found functional medicine and is now passionate in helping others to take control of their health.

In this episode you'll also hear:
- Aline's experience growing up in Germany
- the surprising struggle that came with being in the film industry
- the transformational turning point in Aline's life
- why Aline believes that prevention is better than cure
- how the pandemic has dramatically affected your microbiome... and so much more!

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This podcast is produced by Nikki Voxx from Quintessential Being