How to show up as your authentic self with Catherine Bowyer!

Season #1 Episode #48

Authenticity is word that is bandied around a fair bit at the moment.... but what does being authentic really mean? And how do you do be the truest version of YOU? In this episode of the Happiness Hive Podcast, Catherine chats to us in a solo episode about the four elements of showing up *as* your authentic self, no matter what! Plus she shares with us her process for drilling down into the most important values and principles using the wheel of life.

 In this episode you'll also hear:
- how to do a 'Happiness checkup' and why it's important to do them regularly
- why developing a personal mission statement completely empowers you
- how to really love who you are
- the power of reflecting on your story and living in the radiance of your soul
- how to combat the inner perfectionist and embrace vulnerability... and so much more!
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This podcast is produced by Nikki Voxx from Quintessential Being