From CEO to Vintage Fashion Designer with Simone Finch

Season #1 Episode #50

Fashion isn't always about the latest trends on the runway... sometimes it is a decades old love that represents style, self expression, sustainability and saying a big 'up yours' to a world that tries to make women small! In this episode of The Happiness Hive Catherine has a fascinating chat with Simone Finch about her journey from CEO to Vintage Fashion historian and women's fashion stylist.

Reinventing herself through months of healing and finding her joy, Simone is a fashion historian, ethical stylist and the creative talent behind My Victory Vintage, a fashion brand using up-cycled fabrics to create a modern style with a vintage twist.  Living in rural NSW in a small cottage, with two stubborn cats, Simone still has a passion for all things 1940s, drinks entirely too much tea, collects brooches, dresses ‘vintage’, sews when she can, has a growing collection of hats and gloves and continues to struggle with the creation of a proper ‘victory roll’.

In this episode you'll also hear:
- what it was like growing up in the blue mountains within a conservative family
- how the history of fashion was about strength for women during the second world war
- Simone's top tips on style and how to dress for your own happiness
- the fascinating story of what red lipstick represented in days gone by (it isn't what you think)
- how to make yourself feel good in what you wear and how that portrays you to the world.. and so much more!

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This podcast is produced by Nikki Voxx from Quintessential Being