Why I love that my 300 million Euro a year business failed with Alise James...

Season #1 Episode #55

Have you ever had a failure so big you thought you'd never recover? That's just what happened to this week's guest Alise James after the business she had poured her blood, sweat and tears into, seemingly fell apart overnight.  It turns out it was the best thing to ever happen. Listen as Catherine and Alise chat about entrepreneurship, failure and personal growth!

Having started and run two multimillion million dollar business Alise thought that she felt like sh#t when one of them failed but realised it failed because she felt like sh#t.  Alise didn’t have the foundational belief to hold her growth and she wasn’t listening to her intuition.  It was an amazing breakthrough that she now helps other women to make without everything having to fall apart. By learning to follow their intuition they can do life and business their way. Alise also writes and does workshops for children so they can let go of some of these limiting beliefs earlier to grow to be exactly who they are.

In this episode you'll also hear:

- how Alise coped with her scapegoat complex after her failed business
- why it is imperative we don't let the opinions of others hold us back
- what to do when your actions and desires don't align with societal expectations
- our complicated and expansive relationship with fear and intuition
- how to reprogram the brain through new experiences... and so much more!

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