4-part Mini Series: Ep 3 Body Positivity, Ageing, and Building Lifelong Confidence

Season #1 Episode #58

Do you struggle with your relationship to your body?  Have you found yourself wishing you could turn back the ageing clock? In this 4 part mini series on Confidence, Catherine reflects on her identity and confidence within the lens of body image and ageing, sharing her struggles and how she's helped others reconnect with their self-belief through coaching sessions.

 In this episode you'll also hear:
- what understanding the role societal pressures put on us as women plays in our confidence of our bodies and age
- how to cultivate confidence in your body whatever shape or size you are
-  what led Catherine to shift her mindset towards more healthy habits
- why limiting your exposure to negative influences helps to improve a positive self image
- how Catherine positively adapted to changes in age and appearance... and so much more!
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This podcast is produced by Nikki Voxx from Quintessential Being