Navigating confidence through life altering surgery with Janita Lloyd...

Season #1 Episode #60

Some days will forever be etched into the memory of your life... in this episode of The Happiness Hive podcast listen as Catherine chats to Janita Lloyd about the day her life changed forever. Learn how she navigated healing, forgiveness and confidence after life altering surgery that left her with a permanent disability.

Janita is a mother of two beautiful daughters, a business owner and a certified Bling Angel and passionate supporter of women. Janita has certainly endured a rocky road on her way to living with confidence and being a role model for her children. In 2018 Janita was diagnosed with melanoma. After a traumatic surgery failed to go to plan, not only did she end up with septsis and the possibility of losing her leg, she is now faced with a permanent physical reminder of that hardship she had to endure in learning to walk again and needing to re-build her confidence with the new version of herself. It is with these experiences that Janita works to support others fall in love with themselves, from the skin on their faces through to their magic within.

In this episode you'll also hear:

- why Janita chose not to go down the professional athlete route in her late teens
- how Janita received life altering news and the immediate impact that had on her life
- why it is important to take back control where you can and to advocate for yourself
- the importance of knowing that you are the expert on you
- body image and self-confidence after life altering surgery... and so much more!

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