Intuition, strategy and authenticity in business with Laetitia Andrac

Season #1 Episode #63

 In this episode of the Happiness Hive, we’re joined by the sensational Laetitia Andrac, who shares her knowledge of strategy and intuition in business. From her small-town upbringing in France to her journey to Australia, Laetitia shares her inspiring story of adapting to a new culture and how she learnt to overcome obstacles, even going on to self publish ‘Light It’ a must-read for entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for this transformative conversation that also dips into the piece of showing up authentically in business and in life!

Laetitia Andrac is a remarkable mentor in strategy and energetics, a seasoned entrepreneur, and a captivating podcaster. Her mission is to empower individuals to nurture their soul-aligned businesses with effortless flow and heightened productivity. With a personalised approach, she guides her clients in rekindling their intuitive connection, teaching them how to embrace their own distinctive gifts and potentials.

In this episode you'll also hear:
- how to align businesses with personal vision and purpose
- how to discover authenticity through self-inquiry and patience
- the importance of creating space for intuition to arise
- how success is not simply an overnight occurrence
- the struggles of cultural identity and finding belongingness in a new environment... and so much more!

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