How to overcome adversity by focusing on what's strong with Rosemary Gattuso...

Season #1 Episode #65

Rosemary Gattuso believes there are two ways to view the world... what's wrong or what's strong! In today’s episode of the Happiness Hive, Catherine chats with Rosemary about how she shifted from being a chronic over-thinker to embrace and build on her sense of self by focusing on her strengths and using self-reflection as an opportunity for growth. 

Rosemary has been in alternate dispute resolution for over 15 years with a specialisation in family mediation and restorative justice practices, having originally studied mediation at Harvard University. This role placed her in a unique position to observe, learn and reflect through a strengths-based lens, while further fostering her interest and self-study of childhood trauma, emerging discoveries about the brain and the mind. Rosemary is also a self-confessed chronic over-thinker who has learnt first-hand the transformative impact of rewriting overthinking into strengths reflection and is committed to sharing this with the world.

In this episode you'll also hear:

- how Rosemary's background in mediation and conflict resolution led to her writing a book
- why having a strengths based approach can help you gain clarity
- how Rosemary navigates a career transition with a hybrid model
- how to cope with uncertainty and find inner strength
- what self-care looks like for Rosemary... and so much more!

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